We are BrawKiko – a glass art team based in the Channel  Island of Jersey. We are Sheena Brockie  and Chris Nelson and we have been working together on our glass art projects  since 2004 We have recently moved into  our fist purpose built studio in the St Saviour area of the island.
Our main focus is producing glass work in our kiln by  fusing and slumping many different types of glass, including float, soda and  bullseye, incorporating metals and enamels and then slumping the glass into our  man made moulds.
Our panels are created by using different types and  thickness of glass, fuse float, stringers, confetti and metals which are tack  fused together.  These are then mounted  on perspex or slate for a stunning wall panel – for an original and bespoke  piece of modern art.
Our sculptures are our ‘eco’ projects. The materials in  our sculptures are mainly from recycling other unwanted materials – the glass  from our local glass merchants, Pallot Glass, the granite and slate from local builders’  yards, copper from plumbers, glass bottles from willing sherry drinking friends  and the wood from walks on the beaches of Jersey. We then build these into individual  sculptures of varying shapes and sizes – each one unique.  The main inspiration for the sculptures comes  from the natural forms themselves, and in the local landscapes.  Our sculptures led to an award for recycling  at the Artisan Showcase 2007, run by the Art in the Frame Foundation in Jersey.


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